Jack-in-the-Box Harley Quinn – DC Comics

Jack-in-the-Box Harley Quinn – DC Comics


Help! One of Harley Quinn’s boobie-traps has been confiscated by the GCPD, and now you have the chance to uncover its secrets before Batsy does! Geek X presents Harley Quinn: Jack In The Box!

Become Harley Quinn with an ensemble of over 70 stickers including The Joker, Harley Quinn and Batman, as well letters based on magazine clippings to create your own special message for The Dark Knight!

This Jack In The Box features Harley Quinn prominently on a wooden box, GCPD police tape, with a metallic finish. Once the crank is wound, the classic nursery rhyme ‘Pop Goes the Weasel’ is played before Harley springs to life. Harley is based on her classic comic book look, made from crushed velvet plush. The Jack In The Box stands approximately 14 cm tall closed and approximately 29 cm when opened.

The Harley Quinn Jack In The Box is a love letter to any cheeky Harley fan!

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