Deadpool Vol- 8 All Good Things TP Graphic Novel

Deadpool Vol- 8 All Good Things TP Graphic Novel


It’s the end of the road for the Merc With the Mouth! And what better way to celebrate the series end than to kill Deadpool? Yup, you heard it! First, Deadpool takes a relaxing vacation to the Middle East, where a simple mercenary job leads to a violent battle with Omega Red and a journey into the Tomb of Scariness with Shiklah!

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Then, ULTIMATUM comes at Deadpool for revenge, and he has no choice but to take them on – all of them. Every single guy. And in one final flashback feast, we revisit the INFINITY GAUNTLET crossover! What would Deadpool do if he got the gauntlet from Thanos? Plus: a slew of bonus stories by special guest writers showcasing Deadpool’s closest friends and allies! Also, SPOILER: Deadpool dies at the end. Collecting DEADPOOL (2012) #41-44 and #250.