Crossed – Vol-2 – Family Values Graphic Novel

Crossed – Vol-2 – Family Values Graphic Novel


All seven issues of David Lapham’s horror masterpiece of Crossed: Family Values are collected here with a large cover gallery!  In one terrifying moment, civilisation crumbled.  An outbreak of insanity swept across the earth, turning millions of people into the homicidal maniacs known as “the Crossed.”

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But from their isolated horse ranch, the Pratt family of North Carolina remain uninfected and defiant.  Bonded together as generations of working, living, and learning together, they rely on Joe, the family leader and patriarch, to see them through the apocalypse.

The Pratt family has a deep, dark secret – one that threatens to tear them apart, even under the constant threat of the murderous hordes.  See, some men are turned to Crossed, but others… others are just born evil.  Eighteen year-old daughter Adaline will soon discover which breed is worse.  David Lapham, the critically acclaimed creator of the gritty STRAY BULLETS series, delivers a tale so twisted, so shocking, it more than earns its place next to the original runaway bestseller, CROSSED VOLUME 1, by superstar writer Garth Ennis!

– Mature Reader (MR)